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Palliative Care


When a loved one has a life threatening illness and is reaching end of life, Drake Medox has a team of clinical and registered nurses who are qualified to provide palliative care at home.  


Palliative care is about providing a better quality of life to those in their final stages. It’s also about supporting their carers and families in this difficult time.


The level of care is tailored for every individual, and will depend on the needs and desires of the person, family members and friends.  Palliative care ensures the person is comfortable and safe.  We strive to reduce any suffering, and ensure a peaceful and restful environment surrounding by the people and the things they love.


Each day is precious as families take the opportunity to spend quality time with their loved one at home. Our role is to provide the necessary care and support without compromising on their comfort or well-being at this sensitive and vulnerable time. 


If you need palliative care support, call us on 1300 360 070 or you can register an enquiry here and a Drake Medox Consultant will contact you.